‘Under the blanket’ with Dzmitry Dashkevic — the ‘Young Front’ leader

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“The gay-parade is propaganda of sin”, “gays’ oppression is an artificial problem”, “a normal person doesn’t care at all what they are doing until they take their pants off and go wandering along the avenue…” These views are shared by Dzmitry Dashkevich, ‘Young Front’ leader. Among other, the young man promises to oppose anyone who dare try ‘imposing the sin’ on the public ‘as a norm’.

Liubou Luniova for GayPress

 — What’s your attitude to gay-pride parades?

The major problem with all that gay-propaganda is that people cannot and don’t want to distinguish between personal and public life. In my opinion, private sexual relationships lay in the sphere of personal lives, so I’m not willing to display it or dig up dirt on anyone. What if heterosexuals go wandering in the streets swinging their genitals and flags and declaring: here we are, so and so? Let sexual life be private. I’m against propaganda of sexual life and its imposition, implemented by means of gay-parades.

I believe no one has the right to interfere with private sexual life. Any person has the right to choose, the right given by God. The Bible says that ‘homosexualism’ is a sin. It’s a personal decision of a person whether they commit a sin or not. It’s equally sinful to make love to a neighbour’s wife, and to the neighbor himself. According to the Bible, it’s a sin, all the same. There’s a choice: to do or not to do. But, if someone wants to impose this sin as a norm, I’ll oppose it.

— Do you regard gay pride parade as LGBT propaganda tools?

I believe I have moral rights to oppose such events. No matter who arranges them – either the state or a group of fellow-minded people. ‘The Young Front’ is against gay-propaganda, but if someone is a gay, it’s their personal choice. Gay-parade is, first of all, the propaganda of sin; secondly, it’s a perversion, when people want to bring their sexual life out into the public. I’m against Vasia and Vasia showing their relationships in public, I’m also against Vasia and Olya doing the same.

— The representatives of sexual minorities speak about their oppression by the authorities. What should be done about it?

The representatives of these LGBT-communities are just the few people who manage to do what they want in his country. There’s no oppression. They can rent restaurants, clubs and meet up with no problems at all. Will the ‘Young Front’ activists be allowed to meet if there are more than 10 people? Will we be allowed to rent an apartment? Lukashenka’s political rivals have much less rights. So, political oppression of gays is a fictional problem. A normal person doesn’t care at all what they are doing until they take their pants off and go wandering along the avenue. Gay-activists are interested in the myth of their rights oppression. They create an artificial problem, artificial evidence of oppression in order to get money and have a good life.