«Male model is always a gay?» LGBT-news from Belarus and Eastern Europe, 28.03-03.04.2016

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Group of Belarusian LGBT-journalists presents review of LGBT-news from Belarus and Eastern Europe held in the period of 27 march— 3 april, 2016.

Gaypress.eu, Volha Kashtsialian

The Belarusian society is gaining ot’s interest to the naked man. Following the sensational story with the Belarusian representative at “Eurovision” Ivon and wolves, the leader of the band “Drozdy”  Vitaly Karpanov appeared almost entirely naked with the geese. Was this photoshoot just a parody or a sign of support to Ivon, Karpanov, apparently, hasn’t decided yet. However, he gave to his colleague a win-win advice — to declare on public that he is a gay, as a promotion action.

An anonymous photo project «My little secret» to support the LGBT community starts in Minsk. The works will be presented at an exhibition dedicated to IDAHO — International Day Against Homophobia (May, 17). The motto of the exhibition — we are all humans, we are all interesting,  equal, and attractive. Sexual orientation is a private matter. All wishing to participate are welcomed.

Popular Belarusian online magazine CityDog continues to educate the audience on gender subject.  At this time the editors investigate whether it is true that all men models are gay. From the point of view of the majority of Belarusian, if the man is well-groomed he is definitely «you know who»…

International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual holiday occurring on March, 31 dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide. Belarusian portal Makeout provides a list of 10 ideas how you can participate in this event.

Belarusian independent media willingly prop up the transgender subject. When there are no local stories transgenders from the former Soviet Union appear as heroes in their publications.  An interview with Ukrainian Christina telling about coming out  in front of millions, surgeries, rejection of relatives doesn’t leave Belarusians indifferent.

According to recent sociological research 60% of the population of Ukraine is homophobic. However, the most surprising thing is that Western Ukraine, which is declaring European values, is much more homophobic than economically backward and pro-Russian Donbass. Only 5% of Ukrainians support same-sex partnerships, 69% vote unequivocally against it, and 19% declare their indifference. More interesting statistics here.

The representatives of the LGBT movement have no rights,,” — said  the main candidate for the post of Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Vitaly Milonov. Speaking about his possible plans on this post, Milonov has promised to strike «so-called perverts» from the list of Russian human rights issues forever.

In response to this statement Ombudsman of St. Petersburg Alexander Shishlov emphasized that «to defend the rights of all people, and especially to support those groups who are oppressed by any kind of discrimination» is a professional task of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Despite the prevalence of homophobic attitudes among the Russian leadership and society in general, the candidates from democratic wing in the State Duma elections along with other clauses in their programs included such items as legalization and support of same-sex partnerships, and introduction of  legal penalties for any kind of discrimination. At the moment the applicants are going through intra-party elections, which will determine their ranking on the electoral list.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill criticize the liberal organizations and their  convictions in very harsh terms, accusing them also in obstruction of the construction of churches.

Considering public and non-public propaganda of homophobia in Russia, the positive decision of Samara Regional Court to change documents for young transgender man is a surprising fact . Note that before the district court denied the young man’s request to make changes in the column «sex» pointing for the necessity to carry  three (and not less) surgeries. Samara LGBT activists and «Russian LGBT Network» called the event a strategic victory.

The dream of two men from Kirov to get into a gay club has met a new obstacle.  Kirov Cossacks led by ataman Alexander Konstantinov expressed their intention to fight the «bane» (ed. homosexuals), using the force if needed. Dreamers have already filed a complaint against the owners of the club in the prosecutor’s office. To whom and where will they complain about the Cossacks?

«Blue Bloods» movement officially announced the concerns about the meeting between the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the British artist Elton John, which is scheduled for May this year. On the ground of sexual scandal related to the musician, the members of the community pay special attention to the security of the president.

The Kremlin doesn’t share the fears, recalling that in addition to piano passion, the head of state is a master of sports in judo.

«Would you like the same sex marriage to be allowed in Georgia?» A referendum on the legalization of gay marriage is going to be held in Georgia. This initiative was put forward by the opposition MPs in response to the proposition of ruling coalition «Georgian Dream» to amend the definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman.