In Russia, transgender girl was placed  in the men’s prison. Digest from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, November 2016, №3

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In Ukraine, deputies find it difficult to adopt a law combating violence against women, without participation of Council of Churches, which should clarify the terminology on sexual orientation. In Russia, the transgender woman was placed in a male prison. The story of a loving mother from Belarus, who supported her child coming out instead of following  «public opinion». Digest, November 2016, №3., Volha Kashtsialian

20161116_motherThe Belarusian mother Tatiana accepted her transgender child without screams, tears and superfluous explanations. Twenty years ago, she gave birth to a girl Darya. At the age of 16 the daughter confessed that she liked girls, in three years she stated that felt herself a male and wanted to change the sex. For a year Tatsiana and Daria have visited medical specialists to get permission for the surgery. Many parents ashamed of transgender children, cause afraid of public opinion, but Tatiana chose to support her child, and is getting used to the fact that she has a son Eugene.

The Parliament of Ukraine passed two bills on combating domestic violence on its first reading, but only when all the references to «gender» and «sexual orientation» have been removed. These terms embarrassed some of the deputies, who found the direct threat to the safety of «the unique Ukrainian way». The arguments of some parliamentarians reached the point of absurdity. For example, the deputy Irina Lutsenko suggested «to adjust the concept of sexual orientation based on the Christian values ​​inside the session hall».

In the city Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, the third annual lesbian-feminist school came around. Activist and feminist beginners from seven cities of Ukraine have gained the knowledge of the general aspects of LGBTIQ activism and feminism, fundraising, secure work with information resources and ensuring the confidentiality, acquired the skills necessary to develop their own projects, carrying out public actions, performances and marches.

20161123_trans_albinaIn Moscow, transgender woman Albina Matyunina, convicted of the theft in 2011, was placed in the men’s pretrial detention center, since she did not manage to change the documents. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old Albina is held in solitary confinement cell, but human rights activists fear that the woman can be transferred to a common cell.

«Certainly, the men’s cell is not a place for a young delicate brunette with a long manicure. Giving free scope to imagination, I still cannot believe that Albina will be able to get across to any of her jailmate,» — commented the lawyer Anastasia Garina.

Recently, Albina Matyunina was transferred from the detention center to the mail prizon in Rostov. In the future, she could be taken into the common cell. The situation is complicated by the fact that Albina requires certain hormone medication, which is hardly to be provided in the prison.

The most idiotic statement this week came out from the vice-mayor of Volgograd, Russia, and stage actor Anatolii Omelchenko. During his visit to the Youth Athletic School, where children are doing sports and ballroom dancing, the official called them

«beings of the same sex with bulging buds», and compared classes in ballroom dancing to homosexual activity.

Parents of young dancers placed online petition to suspend Omelchenko from duty «for insulting athletes». As of November 20th evening, the petition has been already signed by more than four thousand people.


In Moscow, an auction in support of the LGBT community was held at the residence of British Ambassador Laurie Bristow. According to 52-year-old diplomat, the idea of the event was supported by the British Embassy after the last visit to Russia of the actor and LGBT activist Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf in «The Lord of the Rings»).

In total, 20 artworks were presented on the auction — paintings, books, photographs, hand-made sets. The British Ambassador also made his contribution by buying a movie poster «The Hobbit» autographed by Sir McKellen.

The Ministry of Culture of Russia has no claims to the controversial stage performance about  gay teenager «All Shades of Blue». This was stated by Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinskii, after the theater performance directed by Konstantin Raikin was «watched by  applicable authorities».

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov has called the plot of «All Shades of Blue» «abominable » that provoked debate about censorship in the media and theatrical circles.

Evgenia Medvedeva

Russian figure skater, world champion 2016, Evgenia Medvedeva gets kicks from the new yaoi serial «Yuri !!! on Ice». Yaoi is a Japanese genre of fictional media focusing on romantic or sexual relationships between male characters. The anime is about two figure skaters — Russian Yurii Plisetskii and Japanese Yuri Katsuk, who are training together for the Grand Prix. Heroes share common passion, and not only for sport.