Ukraine has done a revolutionary step towards LGBT rights by simplifying gender reassignment procedure. LGBTQ-news from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, December 2016, №5

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In Belarus, accused of pedophilia was sentenced to 5 years in prison. In Russia, Christian approach was applied to the comprehension of transgender issue. In Ukraine, the gender reassignment procedure was reformed according to European standards. LGBTQ- news, December 2016, №5., Volha Kashtsialian


In Minsk, accused of pedophilia Vyacheslav Davydovich was sentenced to 5 years in prison. According to the journalists’ investigation, thousands of orphans became the victims of Davydovich. However, the court found no evidence of a crime under Article 166 (Rape).

Since long time has passed and some of the victims have established their families and have arranged their lives, not all of them want to remember the past and to subject it to the public gaze,» – said the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vasilii Losich.

Davydovich was found guilty under the two articles. Since he has already served the sentence, it is only 1 year and 8 of imprisonment left.

How to make a coming out to your parents? What to choose – spontaneity or step by step build-up? How to help parents overcome the shock, realize and accept their child? shares experience of ordinary people who have committed coming out to their families, and gives some recommendations of an experienced Ukrainian psychologist, co-founder of «Tergo» group, which is aimed to support the parents of homosexuals.

In Perm, Russia human rights activists presented to ombudsman of Perm region the report on violence and discrimination against LGBT people in 2015 and 2016. Totally 42 cases have been registered, including 11 cases of physical violence. 30% of the victims were transgender people. Ombudsman Tatyana Margolina promised to discuss these issues with law enforcement agencies, as well as to promote the simplification of document change procedures for transgender people.

LGBT activists in Russia tried to explain transgender issue from the Christian point of view. This topic is covered in the pamphlet «Transgender: Christian view», which is mainly focused on Christian readers. The authors state that the book provides answers to frequently asked questions, and helps to get rid of the prevailing misconceptions about transgenderism.20161115_man_woman

Ukraine officially simplified gender reassignment procedure. Besides medical and biological reasons, the sex can be changed now due to the discomfort caused by the discrepancy between the individual’s gender identity and gender at birth. The new law also abolishes such inhumane requirements as a mandatory stay in a psychiatric hospital, the absence of spouse and children, a mandatory asexualization. Furthermore, the new regulation introduces medical care to transgender teens and their families.

20150515_violenceIn Korostyshiv, Zhytomyr region two unidentified men have beaten LGBT activist Ivan Panov on the ground of homophobia. The activist appealed to police, but the policemen only laughed at him and demanded not to mention the incident’s motive in the report. However, the day later report was not found. The district hospital refused to give a medical approval on the injuries. Ivan intends to seek justice in the prosecution.


Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) has accused Ukrainian authorities in the «promotion of same-sex sexual relations». Representatives of the Church also called on deputies to abandon the terms «sexual orientation» and «gender identity» in the legislative acts in favor of ideologically neutral term «sex».

«The sin cannot be promoted as a normal sexual activity. Thus, the government encourages its citizens to same-sex sexual relations. Who, then, will give birth to the Ukrainians? Who will be the future of our state and native land», – said the chairman of the UOC for family affairs.