First three-parent baby born in Ukraine. LGBTQ-news from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, January 2017, №3

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Ukraine has once again attracted the world’s attention: First three-parent baby girl born in Kiev. After reviewing the national artworks, Russian officials took on censorship of Polish literature. LGBTQ-news from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, January 2017, №3.

Volha Kashtsialan, Gaypress

In Ukraine, the first three-parent baby girl was born. Due to controversial in vitro fertilization technique, known as «pronuclear transfer«, a previously infertile couple conceived and delivered a girl. The Kiev doctors fertilized the mother’s egg with her partner’s sperm, and then transferred the combined genes into an egg taken from a donor. The child has the genetic identity of the parents, alongside a tiny amount of DNA from the second woman, which does not affect neither appearance nor mental features of the baby. It is, however, not the first case. The first child from three parents was born in Mexico in April 2016.

International Festival Molodiya, Ukraine is holding a contest of social video «Discrimination does not work.» The purpose of the event is to increase public awareness of any kind discrimination at work and motivate citizens to counteract this problem. Although, the Parliament has adopted the amendment to the Labour Code prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in 2015, the real situation in the field of employment changed little.

Russian media have accused Polish diplomats in «gay propaganda». The cause for concern derived from the book «A ramble among modern literature», distributed by the Embassy of Poland, in particular the chapter «Polish Homosexual prose after 1989». In response, the embassy stated that the book is a scientific collection of articles, which analyze the different phenomena and trends in Polish literature. The book is neutral an does not apply to sexual behavior.

«We would also like to note that the information provided by TV Russia 24 is false, whereas  the accusations in promotion of homosexuality are groundless,» — is said on the embassy’s website.

The school student from Tomsk intervened on behalf of Maria Sh, the teacher of vocal from Krasnoyarsk, who has been fired for «gay propaganda» in December. The woman was accused by a famous «gay fighter» Bulatov from Sankt Petersburg.

«Maria was just living her life, but someone came and proclaimed her moral jihad. It is not right. This should to be changed, especially in a such homophobic country like Russia,»— wrote the schoolboy in a social network. In response he was flanged with dirt and called pervert. The student decided to file a police report with the request to check Bulatov on extremism.

European Court of Human Rights declared illegal the ban on the adoption of Russian orphans by Americans. Thus, the court satisfied the claims of 45 US citizens and 27 Russian orphans and determined to pay compensations. It should be recalled that in July 2013 Vladimir Putin initiated the ban of adoption of Russian children by the citizens of the countries where same-sex marriages are legalized.

The Russian spectator will see a gay drama «Moonlight». The film will be shown at the film festival «Art-mainstream» held Moscow from 12 to 18 February. The movie, which has received good reviews from critics and many prestigious awards, including the «Golden Globe», «Film of the Year» according to «The Times» magazine, narrates about the black homosexual who is searching his own identity.

In Tver, the Russian city of 400 000 people, a subdivision of «Federation of LGBT Sports» was established. Federation, founded in 2010, is the largest informal association of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Russia. It delegates the participants to all the major world’s LGBT competitions and holds a dozen of tournaments in Russian regions. The closest competition — the fifth Winter Sports LGBT Festival » Paint the winter with colors!» will be held in late February near St. Petersburg.