Digest. LGBT Issues in Belarusian Mass Media 

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The main issue in the first quarter of 2020 was connected with the situation of collection of more than 52000 signatures by various Christian believers under a group appeal with a demand to the Belarusian authorities to adopt a law, which would restrict ‘LGBT-propaganda’ in relation to children and youngsters.

The second most popular topic within the period under review was connected with a statement, delivered by Henadz Kazakievich, the Chief of Main Department on Drug Control and Counteraction to People Trafficking of Criminal Police at the Ministry of Interior of Belarus.

Another broadly cited topic was connected with the published article ‘I’m Not Dangerous to Anyone’, where the most widely known openly gay person from Palessie area in the south of Belarus told about the peculiarities of being a living ‘propaganda’. The interviewee Yauhien Karpautsou, 29, from Mazyr replied to the most frequently asked questions and commented upon the existing stereotypes about LGBT.


Digest. LGBT Issues in Belarusian Mass Media 2020