Natallia Kastsiukevich (Benitsevich) Announced the Best Anti-Discrimination Reporter in Belarus-2016

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‘The Best Anti-Discrimination Reporter in Belarus – 2016’ contest jury has considered more than 30 journalist materials, submitted to the contest by 11 Belarusian journalists from 9 mass media.


The majority of votes were given to Ms. Natallia Kastsiukevich (Benitsevich), TUT.BY reporter for two publications ‘A Story about a Common One-Sex Family Living in Belarus’ and It’s not Your Body. A Life Story about a Girl Born as a Boy in Belarus’ that appeared on Web-pages of the largest Belarusian Web-portal TUT.BY.

The contest jury sent special words of gratitude to Aliaksandr Vasiukovich,  TUT.BY photo-correspondent for his high profile and expressive illustrations to one of the contest winner’s articles.

In 2016, ‘The Best Anti-Discrimination Reporter in Belarus’ journalist contest has been announced for the 5th time by TUPILAK and the ‘Journalists for Tolerance’ Initiative, started by the Belarus LGBT Journalists’ Group.

Congratulations to the winner!