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Russia did not allow the UN Security Council to thank Ban Ki-moon, for his work for the benefit of LGBT. LGBT news from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, December 2016, #3

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December 17 — The Day of commemoration of the Soviet homophobia victims. Russia refused to thank the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for the protection of LGBT rights. Ukrainians are discussing the sexual orientation of a potential candidate for presidency  Nadezhda Savchenko. LGBT-news digest, December 2016, #3, Volha Kashtsialian

Russia has blocked the UN resolution with appreciation of Ban Ki-moon’s support of women, youth and members of the LGBT community. On the insistence of Russia the text was converted into «for the protection of the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups, whose voices can be heard at the UN.» Being the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has advocated for the protection of the rights of homosexuals and transgender people. In 2014 he announced that the United Nations recognizes all same-sex marriages of its employees.

20161220_sidorovLGBT activist Alexander Sidorov, who had been beaten in Makhachkala, Russia has filed a report to General Procurator’s Office, and has temporarily left the territory of Russia due to continued threats. He claims to prosecute the policemen that did not take any action when the activist was attacked on the street. Since two years Alexander is travelling across Russia exposing homophobia. The activist plans to organize the first large-scale education campaign to fight homophobia in Russia.

In St. Petersburg, the victims of Soviet criminal prosecution of homosexual were commemorated. Article 121 was adopted on 17th of December, 1933. The total number of  convicted for » homosexuality » in the USSR varies from 50 to 200 thousand people. None of these people had been rehabilitated — the law on rehabilitation of victims of political repression as of 1991 did not apply to the  Article 121. Moreover, the criminal law was not abolished until 1993. The lesbians in the USSR were exposed to punitive psychiatry.

70% of Russians are in favor to ban the works of art (performances, films, exhibitions and books) if  they raise the same-sex relationships topic. These are the results of a public survey caused by the recent discussion around the theatrical production «All Shades of Blue». Most Russians put same-sex love on the same level with usage of  obscene language and scenes of violence and murder (66%) in works of art.


Russian Academic Foundation, headed by Putin’s nephew, found the promotion of homosexuality in the book «Illustrated Criminal Code for teens.» The authors, famous teachers Olga Uzorova and Elena Nefedova,  help teens to navigate in the world of temptations, and to understand «what is allowed to do and what is not.» Director of the Foundation Oleg Kazenkov believes that the book contains «provocative examples of certain crimes,» thus violating the «anti-gay propaganda law». The Foundation asks Prosecutor General’s Office to inspect the book and assume measures.

The ban on euthanasia and same-sex marriage is the main difference between Russia and Western countries, according to the prosecutor of the Pskov region Sergey Belov.

«Our mentality and our peculiarity lies in the fact that we have some, I would say, the Orthodox consciousness, Orthodox outlook … Russian Orthodox Church will never and under no circumstances recognize same-sex marriage…» — Belov said during a meeting with students.


People’s deputy of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko suspected of being homosexual. The point for concern caused by the pictures and video in the social networks, where Savchenko had fun with her «girlfriend» Irina Yusik. A keen interest  to a former prisoner of Russian jail is heighten by her statement of intention to become president of Ukraine, if so requested by the Ukrainian people. Last week Savchenko was excluded from the faction of «Fatherland» because of a mismatch of the principles and political convictions.

The founder of the Foundation «Family» Adrian Bukovinskii encourages to boycott the parliament during consideration of the draft laws, which «pose a threat to the institution of the family.» Thus, he finds danger in the following  initiatives included  in the National Strategy in the field of human rights for the period until 2020:  legalization of same-sex partnerships, the march of equality, gay pride, same-sex, transgender adoption of children, training in educational institutions regarding teaching on LGBT topics, changes in the Labor Code regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation. The proposal was supported by the representatives of churches, religious and so-called «profamily» organizations.


In Mariupol, Ukraine unknown people have painted homophobic and Nazi inscriptions on the building of art platform «Tiu!» — the cultural centre, which handles the problems of discrimination. In response, the director Alexander Degtyarev created a petition, which requires from local authorities to check the activities of right-wing organizations for  extremist propaganda and hate speech.
«Flirtation with Nazi symbols cannot be justified by any sub cultural movements. The Nazi ideology of hatred and aggression, which is an integral part of several right-wing organizations in Mariupol, is a serious threat to society and the future of the country… «— stated in the petition.