Belarusian Gay’s Anatomy. LGBT news from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, July-2017, #3

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Gay triangle from Belarus. A rhetorical question «Who is to blame? from Russia. «Family, traditions, unity» from Ukraine. LGBTQ news, July 2017 #3.

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Love Story from the Minsk region is worthy the best Mexican soap opera. An «exemplary» husband and father of two children Boris fell in love with a young colleague Roman. The men’s affair was disclosed by Boris’s permanent lover Victor. Scandal could not be avoided. The situation was exacerbated by the financial relationship between the gay triangle: Boris borrowed a debt from Victor under a mortgage to pay for Roman’s pleasures. All the intrigues are now the issue for the lawyers of the Arbitration Court.

Belarusian Gay's Anatomy. LGBT news from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, July-2017, #3

In Russia, the media hype over the cancelation of the Nureyev ballet — — about the life and career of gay dancer Rudolf Nureyev — does not cease. Previously, the media reported that the premiere was pushed off under the order of the Minister of Culture, who has found «homopropaganda» in the performance.

Later, Alexei Venediktov, editor-in-chief of the radio station Echo of Moscow, said that Bishop Tikhon, Putin’s spiritual mentor, insisted on the decision to delay the premiere.

«The plain-clothed representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church attended the prerelease show. They reached Tikhon. Tikhon called Medinsky. Medinsky phoned Urin [editor-in-chief of the Bolshoi theatre] and expressed fury and hysteria,» — the journalist said.

Belarusian Gay's Anatomy. LGBT news from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, July-2017, #3

Photo: Alexei Venediktov

The Ministry of Culture denied the information regarding their meddling.

«We do not interfere in the theatre policy and do not censor the repertory,» — said the minister Vladimir Medinsky, adding that he had not even attended the rehearsal, but promised to do that next year: «Certainly. I will drop everything and will go for the run-through.»

Belarusian Gay's Anatomy. LGBT news from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, July-2017, #3

Photo: Vladimir Medinsky

Bishop Egorievsky Tikhon (Shevkunov) also denied his involvement in the incident and accused Venediktov of lying: «He is lying right to your face!»

The situation around Nureyev ballet did not allow the Russian actress Jana Poplavskaya to stay indifferent . On her Facebook page, she wrote that she is sick of » displayed homosexuality», which «is enforced under the guise of high art!» The actress also admitted that «tolerance» is her «most hateful» word, every letter of which sounds like «LIE».

The post caused a storm of negative emotions. Commentators didn’t mince any words.

Belarusian Gay's Anatomy. LGBT news from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, July-2017, #3

Photo: Jana Poplavskaya

On the situation in Chechnya:

  • The Russian LGBT network announced about the evacuation of more than 60 homosexuals from the region. 27 of them have left Russia. In total, starting from April 1, more than 120 people applied to the hotline. Also human rights defenders reported the resumption of arrests of people on sexual orientation ground, and the threats of criminal cases against the victims and their relatives.
  • Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in an interview with David Scott for HBO says if there are any gay people in Chechnya they should be removed in order to purify the blood of the Chechen people. Kadyrov also cursed and called » devils» and «nonhumans» those, who peddle information about the existence of homosexuals among ethnic Chechens.
  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a conference in Berlin that there were no facts of discrimination against LGBT people in Chechnya. If found any, the Russian authorities would react in the framework of the current legislation, he assured.
  • Pavel Gusev, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, believes that a real investigation on this issue is not being held, the authorities are simply playing for time, and trying to convince Kadyrov to act carefully.

«The investigation can be held till the next presidential term, or even longer. …If there are no benefits for the government officials the case will be investigated as much as needed for the authorities…» —Gusev said.


In Moscow, a «gay patrol» gang  appeared — a group of strangers, presumably from the North Caucasus, who rob and beat homosexuals. Four people have already suffered.

In Irkutsk, a pedophile judge was caught a red-handed by the police. His victim, a 15 years old teenager, who got acquainted with the judge in the social network Vkontakte, said that sex was by mutual consent.

The judge faces a sentence of six years imprisonment.

In the Altai Territory, a teenager was given one year suspended sentence for homophobic content and a call for violence in the social network.

In Mykolayiv, Ukraine a rally for «European traditional values» and for the unity of Ukraine was held. Young people marched through the city center with fireworks and posters in support of heterosexual families.

«Now, at the time of an obsessive propaganda of various abominations, sexual diversity, anti-patriotism, it is clear that the state and the nation are losing the ability to resist, and we cannot consider this otherwise as subversive activities of the enemies of the Ukrainian state and European civilization as a whole,» — the participant Oleg Odnorozhenko said.