About Us

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Gay Press in Belarus

We are a group of journalists. Some of us work for independent media, others – for state media. We work for different types of media – printed and online, radio, TV. Some of us are freelancers.

However, we all share one thing – we all strive to make our society more tolerant. Our motives vary: some people’s friends or relatives are homo- or bisexuals, someone is a homosexual him/herself, others try to fight for all people’s equality.

What do we want?

Media play a major role in shaping public opinion. We want our colleagues-journalists to contribute to reducing homophobic manifestations in society. We believe it could be done first of all through education and breaking stereotypes. We want journalists not to be afraid of mentioning words like “gay” or “lesbian”, not to be afraid of writing about LGBT, we want LGBT materials to be of good quality as far as journalist ethics is concerned.

Discrimination is a phenomenon we should get rid of, notwithstanding the group it’s directed against – linguistic, ethnic, national. We long to see the Belarusian society truly tolerant, so that people with special needs could feel safe and secure.

This resource aims at helping journalists to receive information about LGBT, to get rid of their own stereotypes, improve their professional skills in order to write texts of higher quality – now on LGBT topics too.

How to join us?

If you want to join the group’s activity or just want to support us, please, contact us at