What’s your business in someone else’s life: LGBT-news from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, April 11—17

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Highlights of the most remarkable LGBT-news from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia in one article. Gaypress.eu digest over a period of April 11—17, 2016.

Gaypress.eu, Volha Kashtsialian

The largest Belarusian information portal dispels the myth about the general negative public opinion on the LGBT community in Belarus. Journalists published a run of human stories with local LGBT heroes. We do enjoy reading the comments on these articles — a kind of public debate, which is missing in the state-controlled media. This time, the Belarusians got excited about the love story of two lesbians from Minsk. The girls (native of Ukraine and Russia) live together and raise two children. The issue about kids bothers the commentators most of all. They condemn mothers for bringing up children in an «unhealthy» environment. As a counterargument we like the phrase «What is your business in someone else’s life?!»

Another popular Belarusian mass media also published an interview with LGBT representative Darya Trayden, who is a social activist as well. Daria shared her personal story of coming out, explained the difference between the concepts of «LGBT» and «queer», described the events held within the project «Dotyk». Through her own example, her activity she tried to help people to get rid of « claustrophobic attitude to the world» and to learn «to see their future brighter, and freer.»

Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka has compared same-sex crew of the spacecraft with the same-sex marriage.

» The crew must consist of male and female members, especially during long flights. In my opinion, the same-sex crews are like the same-sex marriages. Sorry for saying that. I always stand for that women join men in space flights, » — said 57-years-old cosmonaut at the meeting with school students in Murmansk.

Sounds rather interesting for us. We are waiting for cosmic coming outs!

The founder of the project «Children 404» Elena Klimova is indignant at Svetlana Agapitova’s, Ombudsman for children in St. Petersburg (Russia), statement that «gender identity among boys and girls» does not exist. The project «Children 404», which was created to support LGBT teens, will provide Ombudsman with letters from LGBT teens who face challenges and discrimination.

It should be noted that the site of the project, as well as it’s group on social network vKontakte, were blocked by the prosecutor’s office of Barnaul and Kaluga Court, respectively, for «evident propaganda.» These decisions will be appealed to higher courts.

The pickets in memory of Russian journalist Dmitry Tsilikin, who has been brutally murdered on the grounds of homophobia, were carried in Moscow and St. Petersburg on the international Day of Silence. The activists taped their mouths with colored scotch aiming to draw the attention of society and authorities to the crimes on homophobic reasons and protest against their suppression.

The deputy of  «United Russia» Vitaly Milonov also commented on the murder of the journalist. According to him, to become a «victim of hell is a natural way for a homosexual.» Milonov, who is already known for design of regional law banning «homosexual propaganda», for regular homophobic statements, is seeking to be the world #1 homophobic person. Recently, he decided to run for the State Duma of Russia. Feels like all LGBT news from Russia will be about Milonov soon.

In the meantime, there is a coming out and beautiful story of the relationship between two Muscovites Sasha and Olesya. The girls have been together for 4 years, and have decided to have a child and raise him in Moscow (Russia). Due to strongly homophobic environment, the lives of the representatives of LGBT community are not easy in Russia. You can imagine how many difficulties appear when same-sex couple try start a family. Online magazine Wonderzine interviewed Sasha and Olesya about their relationship and plans for future. The reporters found out how the girls came to the decision to have a child, what problems they faced during IVF, and how their choices affected the relationships with colleagues and parents.

The first gay wedding took place in Kiev (Ukraine). Informal ceremony of two men was attended by about 30 people. Among them was Canadian actress Ellen Page with her TV program «Gaycation», illuminating LGBT events throughout the world. The partners cannot register their marriage legally in Ukraine, but believe that the guests are the better guarantee than the state.

The first reaction on the announcement of LGBT Forum «KievPrayd 2016» (Ukraine) came from Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate (UOC MP). Apparently, we are not the only one who are closely watching the LGBT news.

«People affected by a serious spiritual illness, behave defiantly relative to the healthy part of society.  Demonstrating and promoting something to be ashamed of, they insult other people, thus violating their rights,» — said the manager of the UOC (MP), Metropolitan Anthony.

The Equality March under the slogan «For your and our security» will be held on June, 12 in Kiev. Recall that last year the marchers were attacked by nationalist groups.

At first glance, all transgender stories are similar to each other: self-rejection, a lack of understanding on the part of family, alienation, suicide attempt, the moment of truth, a new life. Lew Tolstoy wrote: «Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.» 34-year-old barmen Leonid, transgender man from Kiev (Ukraine), told in an interview to Gay.Ru about his misfortune, unhappy past experience of being a woman. Although, the young man is at the very beginning of his new life, «he already knows that he can be happy.»