The Russian main gay fighter called Cristiano Ronaldo a «complete villain». Digest from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, November 2016, №4

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In Belarus, the international campaign «16 days against gender violence» was launched. In Russian, art and creativity in support of LGBT: the vice-mayor resigned for insulting ballroom dancing, the musicians derided homophobia, film director appealed to shoot psychotherapeutic movie. In Ukraine, the most tolerant of employers 2016 were named. Digest, November 2016, №4., Volha Kashtsialian

In Belarus, the campaign «16 days against gender violence» got launched. It is held every year in the days between 25 November and 10 December, under the UN auspices. According to the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the measures taken to ensure gender equality in Belarus are insufficient.

This year the campaign will carry out preventive information and education activities for women complied with the recommendations of the CEDAW Committee in 2016.

Russian music band «Neschastnyi Sluchai» turned to ridicule Russian homophobia and countrywide «hurray-patriotic sentiments». The musicians have released the video for «The Patriot», in which they appeared as famous national patriots and homophobes: from Cossack with a woolen hat and whip up to a biker with bass-balalaika.

Vice-Mayor of Volgograd Anatolii Omelchenko, who had compared the «ballroom dancing with homosexual activity», resigned.

The creators of the online petition for the vice-mayor’s resignation, which was signed by 4415 people, are satisfied. Nevertheless, Omelchenko did not own he was wrong, and derided gay as «disreputable men», and called ballroom dancing a «provocation».

Russian project «Children-404» is once again accused of LGBT propaganda among children. This time, civil organizations of Tyumen region demand to ban the group in social networks. However, neither the experts of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media, nor the Tyumen regional experts have found on the community’s page any information contrary to the law or harmful for the children’s health and development. Social activists, though, believe that the experts likely made a mistake.

20161129_pavel_lunginRussian film director Pavel Lungin thinks that art is in power to cure Russian society from homophobia. He urges his colleagues to join forces and create films disgracing homophobia.

«…Such a diverse country like the United States uses films and books as psychotherapy — to expel the devil from society. Any concern is handled by means of art, through movies and books. How to treat gays? How to treat AIDS? Feminism? The message of the films is to put shame on racists, homophobes, misogynists… «— he says.

Recently, he bought the rights to the novel «Esav» by Israeli writer Meir Shalev, who addresses to homosexuality subject very often.

The Russian State Duma deputy Vitalii Milonov called an outstanding soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo a «complete villain».

«Of course, he is a complete villain. Not for the reason he is a gay, but because he states this, knowing that he is the icon for children» — reacted the deputy on the information about sportsman’s alleged coming out.

20161129_football_homophobiaThe Russian famous ex-player Alexander Mostovoi also made a homophobic statement against Ronaldo:

«Being a true hetero, I have negative attitude to such deviations. I do not know how to call this. But I think these people need medical services».

In contrast, the former Ukrainian soccer player Evgenii Levchenko spoke in support of 31-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo.

«I believe that all people are equal, regardless of their religion, color or sexual orientation. Is Ronaldo gay or not, it’s a private matter. My attitude to him does not change, and yours, I hope, too», — Levchenko wrote in his Instagram and posted the L’HOMO magazine’s photo in support of gays, which was made with his participation.


In Ukraine, the five most tolerant employers of 2016 were announced. 150 companies, which took part in «Ukrainian Corporate Equality Index» investigation, were evaluated by several criteria on anti-discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. For the first time government agencies and state-owned companies have joined the project.

Ukrainian homophobes intimidate the society with «the horrors of gender ideology.» The main objectives of «gender revolution» are the legalization of same-sex marriage, artificial production of children and purchase them «in part». This was stated by the famous German sociologist and writer Gabriele Kuby during the conference «The danger of gender ideology in Ukraine». The speakers from Ukraine followed Kuby’s perspectives and ideas.

The participants complained about the half-empty hall, making allowance for the lack of conscious among people.