Ukrainian authorities has started to teach school students what the family values are. LGBT news from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, October-2016, #4

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Ukrainian authorities has started to teach pupils what the family values are. Under the family values they understand the way of life, where the woman plays the role of housekeeper, and the man — «a creator who always strives for innovation”. Homosexuality and transgender is considered as something unnatural and hostile Highlights of LGBT news from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia in one article. Digest, October-2016, #4, Volha Kashtsialian


In Minsk, the prosecutor’s office appealed the verdict to LGBT activist from Samara Maria Rymar, who has joked about a bomb in «Minsk-2» airport. As a result, a punishment for knowingly false message about the danger of a fine of one thousand dollars, which had been imposed in Minsk on October,12 has not entered into force.

An exhibition by Jaanus Samma «Three works at a canteen» is performed in Minsk. The exhibition brings together three of his projects that tackle the issue of sexuality, community and self-actualisation. “Chairman. The Opera” tells about a notorious gay man in Soviet era Tartu. “Toilet Posters” shows the instruments of his sexual formation. “Sweaters” tries to underline the error in the society where normality is often considered as something unquestioned.

Ukrainian school students will study a new course on «the formation of family values». Under the family values the Ministry of Education and Science understands the archaic way of life, where the woman plays the role of housekeeper, and the man — «a creator who always strives for innovation.» Homosexuality and transgender in this system of values is considered as something unnatural and hostile.

Ukrainian nationalists, who has disrupted the screening of the documentary film «This is gay propaganda» in Chernivtsi, promised to shut out any re-run. According  to the regional leader of the «Right Sector» Alexander Parashchuk, his organization does not pursue the LGBT, but only prevents the propaganda of the phenomenon that is contrary to «any standards of morality and Christian principles.» Representatives of the church took the radicals side as well, have asserting that same-sex relationships «is not just a sin, but an abomination.»

Simultaneously, a round table was organized in Chernivtsi, which brought together the organizers of the show, civil society activists, representatives of the police and the mayor of the city. They discussed the situation around the film, and condemned the act of nationalists and inaction of police officers. Police spokesman Pavel Semeniuk acknowledged the unprofessional behavior of the police, which was resulted from the lack of experience.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has joined the initiative «Ukrainian Corporate Equality Index», thereby implementing the policy of equality and non-discrimination in the workplace on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. This was announced by deputy assistant Bogdan Globa after a meeting with the Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun. Ulyana Suprun also promised to consider the possibility of recognizing same-sex partnerships, which were registered in the United States and the EU.


The photo of gay couple that won in the Russian competition «Become the face of the cover» from IKEA, will be not published in the prospectus. IKEA assures that in accordance with the rules of the contest, the company was not going to print a picture of winners in a public directory. In the US, for example, IKEA included the photo of interracial male homosexual couple in their new catalog.

Kaluga Regional Court declared illegal the lock of «404 Children» project in the social network «VKontakte». The cancellation was caused by the formal violations made during the district trial — the decision was made without the participation of the owner of the resource Elena Klimova, also the examination of the site content was not conducted.

_journalist_celikin_dmitryThe trial of 22-year-old Sergei Kosyrev, accused in the murder of journalist Dmitry Tsilikina, has began in St. Petersburg. The case is taking place behind closed doors in order to prevent the «disclosure of information about the private life of participants in criminal proceedings or information degrading their honor and dignity.»

Earlier, human rights activists handed over to the authorities a petition signed by 7,000 people for recognition of the murder as a homophobic crime.

More than half of transgender people in Russia face discrimination — these are the results of the online survey, which covered 242 people. The problems mostly occur when applying for a job and when turning to the service industry. The majority of respondents said they felt stress every time they had to show identity documents.

The first intersex-rally was held in St. Petersburg on the Day of intersex people’ visibility. Only one person took part in the event— the only intersex activist in Russia, who aimed to share information about the intersex people and their problems with the city dwellers.

«In Russia, inter-sex is considered as a disease and qualify for a disability. I’m against it, » — said the activist.

In Moscow, activists of «Youth Yabloko» supported the action «Ok to be gay» that has been launched in mid-October to increase the visibility of LGBT people in the urban environment. They went out to the streets with rainbow flags and placards calling for all who care to join in the action and post their pictures in the official group’s album in the social network «VKontakte» with the tag #OKtoBeGAY.