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Punishment for sex reassignment surgery prepared in Russia. LGBT-news from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, December 2016, #1

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In Belarus, gender stereotypes are breaking through art. In Russia, sex reassignment surgery may become the subject to administrative penalty. In Ukraine, young people are taught to analyze media content on issues of gender and sexuality. LGBT-news digest, December 2016, #1

Gaypress.eu, Volha Kashtsialian

The new stage play «Latent men», which exposes gender stereotypes, will be performed in Minsk. The director Evgenij Korniag is challenging social and cultural patterns prevailing in the Belarusian repertory theater, and in society in general. The heroes of the play are deprived of the usual personal and social characteristics, which correspond to stereotypical image of the «real man» — a strong and aggressive macho, and «real woman» — the delicate femininity.

«The director is talking about sensitively topical issues of our time through physical and psychological actions — gender phobias, sexual frustration, crisis of masculinity and the traditional image of «real man», — noted the theater critic Svetlana Ulanovskaya.

Латентные мужчины

Transgender woman from Samara, Russia won the suit on ID documents change, without resort to surgical treatment. The woman had a diagnosis of «transsexual» and was taking hormones. Sex affirmation surgery was enforced by the registration officers. However, the judge Elena Yemelyanova took the side of the plaintiff and declared that «the requirement for surgical interference is a violation of human rights.»

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20150903_milonovRussian deputy Vitalii Milonov originates a bill to ban sex affirmation surgery without medical indications and an introduction of a fine up to 150 000 rubles for non-fulfillment of this rule. Under the new law, the medical commission approval for the surgery can be given only in case of birth defects or mental disorder, which cannot be cured.

«The reason for the change of sex should not be a man’s aspiration for unconventional and immoral values, but only a medical diagnosis and well-reasoned decision on the treatment of the disease,» — stated Milonov.

Video blogger from Tomsk has been beaten in Makhachkala, Dagestan, where he had arrived for a rally in support of gays. Alexander Sidorov was attacked during strolling along the street with a poster «To hate gays is an unscientific fallacy.» The video of the incident appeared in Instagram with the caption «… this case gives a quite clear cue to other gay partisans that nor the police, nor the rest of the institutions in Dagestan are going to defend such filth.» LGBT activist filed a police report in Makhachkala but it was rejected.

Наказание гея-блогера который приехал провоцировать дагестанцев, табличкой с признанием своей ориентации. Мы публиковали сегодня его фото, но речь как говорится не об этом. Показательный момент — работник полиции не особо усердствует в защите этого существа, хотя в любой другой ситуации, дагестанская милиция действует довольно решительно, порой даже излишне. Если кто сомневается, Герой России Магомед Нурбагандов вам освежит память. Так вот, этот случай вполне конкретно даёт сигнал остальным гей-партизанам, что на территории Дагестана, ни полиция, ни остальные структуры не собираются защищать подобную мразь. А в соседней Чеченской республике, сотрудники полиции наверно ещё и добавили бы пинков этому гастролёру.

Видео опубликовано ⚔ ДУХ КАВКАЗА (@dyx_kavkaza)

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Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov reminded Cossacks-homophobes of their recent LGBT-past. According to Nevzorov, in the early 2000s, the representatives of the Cossack have worked in the gay club in St. Petersburg on a position of security guard. Moreover, they have faithfully fulfilled the main employment requirement — to put on lipstick when on duties. Nowadays, the representatives of so-called renewed Cossacks demand to erase LGBT people.

man lips makeup

«If nothing can be done, then let’s use the true old-fashioned method — to put each gay  with bare asshole on hedgehog. In order to teach not to be a gay…»— suggested the Cossacks in summer of 2016, protesting the LGBT rally «Black Sea 2016».

Popular Russian actor Pavel Priluchnyi would prefer to be a maniac on the screen than a homosexual.

«I would like to act a part of maniac. Cannot say the same about the role of gay… If it’s a comedy or just for fun, then, perhaps, I would have rushed into such an adventure. But I will never kiss a man! «— said the 29-year-old Priluchnyi.

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marjanov dmitry actor

Dmitry Maryanov


The majority of Russian actors have similar views. In opinion of the 46-year-old actor Dmitry Maryanov, such an attitude may testify to their latent homosexuality.

«To run around with a gun, or to kill a man in shot is a piece of cake for them, while to play a gay is a problem…» — Maryanov said.


In Ukraine an online guide on media literacy for teenagers «MediaDriver» has been launched. The general idea of the guide is to teach young people to navigate the media, to perceive the information critically and to use possibilities of media in everyday life and in work. Interactive MediaDriver consists of 16 sections, one of which is dedicated to the issues of gender and sexuality. Along with theoretical information, the section describes the techniques and media tools, which influence public opinion in relation to gender and sexuality.

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In Chernivtsi, Ukraine, the second attempt to show the documentary LGBT movie «This is gay propaganda» has succeeded. The organizers took into account the mistakes made during the previous screening in October, which was disrupted by radical nationalists. This time, the event was held in a closed format and was protected by about 100 police officers. Although, the homophobic protestors in masks picketed a building, deploying a banner «Glory to the nation! No LGBT integration!», the event was held without incident.

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Ukrainian gay fighter Adrian Bukovinskii is travelling across the country agitating for «traditional family values.» He presents the project of the National Family Strategy designed to withstand «external threats for Ukrainian family», including same-sex marriages, adoption of children by same-sex couples, «gender ideology», «LGBT aggression”.

Earlier, Bukovinskii was fired from the position of the Government Commissioner for Family Affairs for homophobic attitudes.