Quarterly digest LGBTQ+ issues in the Belarusian mass media

Digest сoverage of LGBTQ Issues in the Belarusian Mass Media January – March 2023

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The first quarter of 2023 was not marked by significant attacks from pro-government media on the LGBTQ+ community.
There were usual «nods» towards the so-called collective West, which wants to destroy the «traditional values» of Belarusians. The publication «Soviet Belorussia» believes that «in the Belarusian society, the problem of the LGBT community does not exist as such.»

The format of covering the LGBTQ+ agenda on the national television website is noteworthy. For the 1st quarter of 2023, there were two news on the subject under consideration and both in a neutral style. They do not have the hate speech, value judgments or author’s opinion characteristic of such materials on propaganda media sites.

These news are: «Ukraine proposes to legalise same-sex marriages between the military» and «LGBT soldiers of Ukraine’s armed forces proved they «love Ukraine»

A quote from the latter news generally sets records for freedom of speech in the Belarusian pro-government media: «… the traditional values promoted by the Russian president served as an incentive for Ukrainian gays to enrol in Ukraine’s armed forces and become patriots. Because of this, other Ukrainians have become more positive about gays and transgender people.»

A. Lukashenka’s statements during the so-called address to the people and parliament can also be regarded as an unspoken command «not to touch» the LGBTQ+ community.

Lukashenka, after the usual homophobic rhetoric, said:

«I instructed, report to me, give a description of what kind of people they are, how they work… God grant that non-gays work like them. There was not a single negative characteristic. None, I checked in different directions. Well, let’s forbid these guys from tumbling with other men, well, what would it lead to? To nothing. Moreover, they do not create problems for us, they work well.»

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