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The LGBTQ+ thematic was quite infrequently covered in the Belarusian independent mass media in the 2nd quarter of 2021. It is nice to note that the publications mostly contained correct vocabulary.

Among the breaking news, we would like to note the change of design and main domain for Web-site. The updated Web-resource can be found under the link:

As before, it is possible to buy a rainbow flag in a Belarusian online store.

It was a real surprise of the quarter to find a Web-site in the Belarusian domain zone, which promotes the so-called LGBT yaoi (slash) issues.

It was an unpleasant surprise to know that a new Web-site of “Belarusian Slavic Committee” appeared online. A map on the Web-resource shows a common territory, including the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and some other countries in the region.

One of the headings on the Web-resource highlights “a collection of films for getting better awareness of dangers of globalization for Belarusians and the mankind”. The collection contains a movie under the title: “The Oblivion of Faith: A Swedish lesbian bishop wants to remove crosses from churches to please Muslims.”

The activity of Belarusian stateowned media in the LGBTQ coverage was a kind of discovery and sensation in the second quarter of 2021.

One of leading channels of state propaganda ANT TV channel posted a very specific text (as for the choice of topic and neutrality of presentation) for them: ‘These celebrities have modified their gender. You will be shocked!’.

There were presented photos of foreign celebrities and their concise stories on the gender correction.

One more interesting text of the kind appeared on another propagandist Web-site a bit later.

BelTA is the main pro-governmental new agency in Belarus. Its interest in the coverage of LGBTQ+-issues was never noticed before. However, they published breaking news: “[A Singer] Lolita Tried on a Bright Swimming Costume and Made a Strong Statement’. The content of the statement was explained in the article: ‘I ask you to regard me as an LGBT-icon in this swimming costume’, she said.


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