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The emerging trend among state propaganda media towards an attempt to discredit the LGBTQ+ community continued in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The “repentant” videos that the security forces have used almost from the beginning of the protests have become another way to influence LGBT people in Belarus. Several detainees were forced to disclose their sexual orientation, which, along with their salaries (above the national average), was expected by the ill-willers to incite hatred towards such people.

However, the independent media react in a non-trivial way. They explain to the audience what is really happening and why one should not fall into such an obvious trap of hatred.

The Belarusian law enforcement has come to capture gays

Blackmailing and a real life threat. The outing as a means of struggle with the ‘unwanted’

A Belarusian person as the orientation. How to react on the forced outing?

How does the state propaganda discredit the detainees?

‘The video recorded apologies are shot in another style now’ What new methods have the law enforcement agents invented for the ‘repentant’ videos?

A broad campaign in support of LGBT-community started in Belarus following the appearance of videos with the forced outing in the social media.

Unfortunately, quite a few of LGBT people were forced to leave Belarus facing real security threats.

‘An openly gay person explains the cost of the recent year for him and tells how the riot police strengthens LGBT-community in Belarus’

Other propaganda messages remain in the spirit of conspiracy theories, saying that the LGBTQ movement is an attempt to depopulate the planet or provoke conflict.

However, it is pretty obvious that the propagandists themselves are trying to inflate the conflict. Fortunately, without success.

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